Awana Calendar
Awana meets weekly during the school year on Sunday from 5:30--7:00 pm.  To view a copy of this year's calendar, click here.  AWANA Calendar

Each week there is a different theme.  Click here to view the year's theme calendar.  AWANA Theme Calendar

What is AWANA?


AWANA is a program for children ages 3 through the 9th grade that incorporates Bible teaching and Scripture memorization with tons of fun.  The word "AWANA" is actually an acronym which stands for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed" which comes from 2 Timothy 2:15.


When is it?


Our AWANA club will meet weekly on Sunday nights at 5:30 until 7:00 pm.   The club runs during the school year and there are breaks that regularly coincide with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school calendar.  Click here to view this year's Awana calendar


How does it work?


Children are divided into age groups:  Cubbies (Preschool), Sparks (K-2 grade), Truth & Training or T&T (3-5 grade).  Each night begins with an opening ceremony and afterwards children are dismissed into their particular group.  During their small group time, they will be going through a workbook that will lead them to memorize Scripture in an age appropriate manner. 


There will also be a large group time where the children are taught a lesson from the Bible and then, of course, there's game time.  AWANA games, though simple, are unique and the children love them.  At the end of the night, children who have completed various levels of their workbook are recognized and the night concludes with prayer.


I still don't get it!


Think of AWANA this way:  it's like a combination of the Scripture memory from Bible Drill, along with the incentives of Boy Scouts with the fun and excitement of Vacation Bible School.  AWANA truly is a unique program and nothing short of experiencing it can tell you what it is really like.  


Is there any cost?


We do ask parents to help the church defer some of the expense of AWANA for their child.  Children not only receive a handbook, but a uniform as well as awards throughout the year.  We also understand that people value more what they pay for, so we ask parents to provide $15.  This does not fully cover all of the costs, but it does defer them.  Keep in mind, this is a program which runs for 29 weeks out of the year, and $15 is actually less than half of what this program costs per child.


How can I find out more?


Feel free to contact the church with any questions at  704-535-6531.  Also you may want to find out more about the AWANA program in general by going to

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