Few documents in the life of a church are any less exciting than the constitution and bylaws.  Though even the thought of these documents may incite boredom, they are very important.  A church's constitution is a summary statement of what the fellowship is.  Perhaps more important, however are the bylaws.  They establish how the fellowship is to operate.  By delineating the various staff, ministries, and committees, clear roles, responsibilities and expectations are established. 


A church's bylaws guide the fellowship as to how decisions are to be made.  The goal is to establish a fixed set of "ground rules" so that the function of the church and its decisions are made without chaos and disorder. 


These documents also provide prospective members not only with information as to how the church operates, but genuinely give a sense of the fellowship as to what is genuinely important.


To read/print Eastway's Constitution and Bylaws, simply click on the link below:


Bylaws and Constitution of Eastway Baptist Church



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