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On November 5, 1941, twenty-nine people met at the home of A.E. Yates on what is now Shamrock Drive to organize a new church.  This group formed what was originally known as Emmanuel Baptist Church with Rev. T.P. Christmas as the church's first pastor.


In December of the same year, a lot was purchased on Eastway Drive, but it was not until 1948 that the church voted to change the name to Eastway Baptist Church.

In nearly seven decades, God has worked in the lives of those who have been part of this church family.  Over the years, a number of our members have been called of God to serve as pastors, ministers and missionaries. 


Previous pastors are (in chronological order):  T.P. Christmas, John Medlin, R.B. Ostwalt, William Knight,    J. Clyde Yates, Edgar Christy, Harold Smith, Steve Gouge, Bob Lowman,  Michael Owens, David Gales and our current pastor Brian Hovus who began his ministry at  Eastway in November of 2011..

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